Video Tutorial: Woman having massage orgasm from tantric massage

You would be surprised how many women have a problem with getting orgasm during sex or massage. Most women have no trouble getting an orgasm when they are alone but when they are with a man it seems almost impossible to some. The reason has to do with letting go. Some women have so much trauma from past or current lives that they cannot let go

yoni massage tutorial video

This is why i created the tantra yoni orgasm massage tutorial videos. They are various videos showing how to properly do a yoni and tantra massage. They start with opening up the chakra energies and showing you a couple of tricks on how to get the women aroused before even touching intimitely. A little later i show the more intimate elements of the the massage

All videos will be available here:

energy orgasm without touch

To give you an example. It is possible to give a woman an orgasm even without touching her. Thats how strong tantric energies can be. I am going to show this also in my videos.

seeking models for tantra yoni orgasm massage

If you are a woman or group of women and you want to or are coming to Mallorca Spain let me know and you can get a paid massage for recording a video tutorial. You of course can also pay for the massage in case you don’t want it recorded.

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