Tips for Sales – How to increase sales

Increasing sales has to do with with a few things:

  • offer a better product than your competitors
  • make your product more accessible
  • offer it at a better price

Making it more accessible could the the simple act of being ranked higher in google for example. It is the equivalent of having a store in the city center vs on the outskirts of a city. To rank on top you should look at what websites and blogs rank high on your search terms. Sometimes services like or actually rank very high so you can write an article there and get ranked well and it will give you a little bit of promotion for your product.

If you are trying to increase sales locally i highly recommend running and boosting facebook events because its very easy to get local people engaged.

There is so much competition on the internet that you really need to catch a persons attention as quickly as possible and make the sale as quickly as possible. Because if they don’t buy with you they will buy somewhere else.

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