3 Spiritual money quotes by Danji

“there is no reason to not be loving and abundant at the same time”

“there is no reason to do the service of god/the universe and be abundant at the same time”

“there is no reason why that amount should be limited”

Very simple quotes that i came up with 🙂 but to understand why i am saying that you have to understand that most spiritual people misunderstand or do not understand the energy body. They think that just being spiritual everything will come their way and they actually become more and more frustrated with life because they have to start doing things that they dont really want to do. I know a woman for example she lives on the beach and does massages every day to get by. To be honest she didn’t seem that happy. These people are usually pretty lost and don’t know what to do with their life.

If you are completely enlightened it is something different. then you realize the illusion of everything. Then you can grow beyond it.

Can’t catch a break in life

Lets translate that… catching a break in life is really someone trying to CATCH a time where they rest… well if you find yourself saying that do the following: set a timer right now… lets say 10 minutes… on your phone. Then sit down and be completely quiet for 10 minutes… See .. you caught a break. its that simple and you solved your problem.

Now if you feel that a lot of things go wrong in your life its because you have vasanas. Old emotional karma that are tying you down. In my video https://www.berichvideo.com i talk exactly about how to overcome those old karmas.

Bad things just keep happening to you and things just keep repeating over and over again. Same relationship problems and same money problems. You have to change your energy body first. Only then you can come to a deeper fulfilling state which will naturally attract and manifest deeper desires and necessities.

People who are beggars have all one simple thing in common. They cannot receive. Learn to receive from the universe. I will show you how to learn to receive in my video. how to manifest and receive for everything that you put out that you get something back in.

I had 15 years of life frustration and only now with the spiritual knowledge i understand what i did wrong. Thats why i made the video. To show people how to do it right. Many people chose to ignore that information because they prefer to hold on to their pain. But some people are ready to grow. If you are ready to grow let me know 🙂 i am here to help

5 tips to increase sales with instagram

1. Use Instagram Correctly

First of all Instagram is only good for brand awareness not for direct sales. One of the reasons is that instagram doesn’t allow direct links in their posts. Brand awareness only makes sense when you reach a massive audience. So lets say you are Laureal and you want to reach 1 million 18 year olds about your latest eye gloss. then it makes sense. If you are a one person local shop instagram is a total waste of time. The time you put into instagram with making good photos is totally wasted.

2. Its about superficiality

Instagram is about looking good. Whatever you post keep it simple and keep it visually appealing. The accounts with most followers on instagram are young girls showing off their body and wealth if they have it. Or some people showing their body and their travel photos. Think about who watches these photos. These are mostly superficial people interested in looks. So its good to sell fitness products, makeup or fashion products. Everything else is a waste of time.

3. Know the target audience

Are you reaching young superficial girls. Then Instagram is perfect. If you are looking for technical people you might look at stackoverflow. If you are looking at business people try to reach them on linkedin.com if you are looking for mothers try to reach them on facebook. Make clear distinction of who you look for and where that target audience is.

4. Use your Ad Budget wisely

One of the best tricks in advertising spending is if it doesn’t work the first 1 or 2 days it will never work. Meaning you get 300 clicks and you don’t make a sale then forget the ad.. its not working. make a completely new one. Its not going to get better over time. Its a waste of time and money.

5. Is your product better than the competition

Either in Branding or actual product. You need to be better than the competition in branding or product to make great sales. If you are worse than them it will be very difficult. So don’t go promoting a product or service unless you have a product or service which is better than the competition. You might fill a certain niche that the other company is not doing but you definitely have to fill it well to get good sales

Passive Income Streams for Artists

I want to tell you a little secret. The first secret is that blogs are better than social media. Because in social media two things happen. People are their for entertainment and for psychologically dumping their bullshit onto others. They are not in the mood for buying. Blogging on the other hand gets you people at the right time when they are actively seeking for that kind of information that you are offering. So if you want to learn to absolutely maximize your blogging for success go to https://www.berichvideo.com/wordpress

if you want to change your energy body state go to https://www.berichvideo.com

Both videos will help you set the ground work for your passiv income stream as an artist. Both videos are essential to help you grow.

Now there are a million things you can do as an artist but you definitely want to focus on digital products rather than physical products. Especially if you are a person that likes to travel you will need more digital products. Most people are not the manager types. Look at yourself. Are you the manager type? if you are then by all means create and distribute a physical product or get a dropshipper to do that for you. But if you like the freedom of not having to work most days and just be able to relax and meditate at the beach or do some other things then you will need to go with a digital product.

I would be happy also to personally consult you if you need help. you can contact me on https://www.berichvideo.com/coaching

Most people are clueless when it comes to creating their own succesful business. They are often arrogant and don’t seek help from the outside. I had a friend she asked me about some crypto investment once. I told her its not the right investment its not a good idea.. well not only did she suck in others into the scam but it turned out the woman who ran it disappeared “onecoin” was the name. She ignored my advice and she wanted to create a passive income stream and she also failed with that. Some people just want to make their own mistakes. You decide whether you want to keep being financially tight down or if you want to be financially independent. Get some help from people who know what they are doing

Why are some people rich and others are poor

The answer is fairly simple if you understand energy body dynamics. They have a different set of historic experiences in family and being raised. People with high trauma either in their own lifes or from previous or ancestors will have very very little chance to succeed until they manage to overcome that trauma.

In my video: https://www.berichvideo.com I talk about all these things. I talk about how you can change your energy body system in order to trick out your past karmic life. It won’t be easy but if you know the steps you can definitely go in the right direction. A lot of old stuff will come up and there is nothing you can do to avoid it. You must break through it. And this is exactly what i am talking about in my be rich video

A lot of people think it has to do with mindset. Mindset has nothing to do with it. It has all to do with high strong your past karmic experiences are. I have a friend who thinks that he has success with women because of his mindset. It actually is because he is tall and good looking and the only thing he was missing was self-confidence. I showed him an energetic trick on how to develop self-confidence. From there he just blossomed and he is a young entrepreneur and very successful.

He is still in the believe that it has to do with mindset but that’s because he doesn’t understand the detailed intricacies that are involved in the energy body of a human energy system.

If you want to learn how to get into the state every single day you will have to get my video. I love helping people grow in their life and make a big change for them.

changeyourenergy.com review

I saw that people clicked on https://www.berichvideo.com searching for changeyourenergy.com so i took a look and decided to write a short review of what i think about this website.

It says it has “Over 1500 videos, articles, and weekly live classes for all levels. ” which sounds very interesting.

There is one thing immediately though which i don’t like. They have a shop section where they sell products. I don’t know about you but i think that spiritual growth and changing your energy has nothing to do with products you can buy. It smells to me that its just a way to make money and pollute the earth even more with plastic garbage.

When you change your energy body and your emotions like i talk about in the berichvideo you don’t actually need any kind of product aside from good food and good water.

Just seeing products like “Experience the mind-calming effect of Brainy Magnetic Balls ” i am like okay somebody is trying to make money off the new age trend of “i am spiritual too”

Let me tell you if you want deep energetic shifts happening you have to understand life on a completely different level. A couple of yoga stretches are not going to do it. It might be great for selling some classes and feeding the gullible egos but its not going to cause a fundamental shift.

Now i don’t want to mock all the classes and courses that are out there because i simply don’t know them. But i know when people just try to make money off of something or when there is a deep understanding of intrinsic processes. I would never ever tell anyone for example about third eye awakening if i didnt have the DEEP experience within myself. most people are clueless and feed the clueless because its easy money and they dont like working in a normal job environment so they have to come up with something.

Also be aware that 99.9% of so called healers or teachers have so many problems themselves that they cannot get out of .. so they have become somewhat of an expert on these topics but not on how to heal it really

How to fine-tune your Energy Body

You basically have two important layers for manifestation. Your raw material body and your subtle energy body. If you want to change that energy body state to attract wealth and abundance you should definitely get my video https://www.berichvideo.com

In general your more subtle awareness and subtle energy body influences your material body to a great extend.

EnergyBody Aura & Chakras

In that subtle energy body are the chakras. The energy centers. Around the chakras is where certain emotions get stored. If there are a lot of negative emotions store these blockages which hinder the flow of energy will make your body age faster and get sick also.

If you want to grow beyond that you have to understand how to heal your emotional karmic body which is hindering you from having the abundance and prosperity.

Unfortunately, we keep doing the same mistakes over and over again which makes it really difficult to get out of the loop of constantly being thrown back into a state of troubles with finances, relationship etc.

as a spiritual person you can argue that you dont need anything. but the more spiritual you are the more you rely on others hard work. I see so many spiritual people live off the backs of others. In my book thats not right. So you should learn to stand on your own two feet financially and learn to draw in all that which you want and deserve.

I will show you how to do that in my videos. I love helping people i have been doing this all my life. I have the unbelievable ability to feel energy blockages in peoples bodies and release their old emotional traumas from these areas.

The greatest secret of life is not changing everything thats outside. Its understanding the deep inner changes you can do to change your life into a life of abundance where everything just flows

Energy Body & Its Chakras

In the energy body of humans there are 7 main chakras and 2 main nadis. Nadis are energy channels which transport energy and old emotions upwards and energy is being cleaned by being transported through these nadis. The main chakras are

  1. Root Chakra – negative emotions: existential fear
  2. Sacral Chakra – negative emotions: no joy
  3. Solar Plexus – negative emotions: unability to accept
  4. Heart Chakra – negative emotions: inability to love
  5. Throat Chakra – negative emotions: inability to communicate
  6. Third Eye Chakra – negative emotions: inability to be still
  7. Crown Chakra – negative emotions: not guided by higher intuition

Aura of the energy body

If you have a blockage anywhere in your Aura it will be constantly visible in your energy body. Other beings will feel that and it will make it more and more difficult for other people to be in your vicinity as you get older.. so it is imperative that you constantly clean your aura and energy field. You can get my video on this webpage explain how to clean your energy field.

Chakras, abundance, wealth and becoming a millionaire with law of attraction

The Secret to wealth lies in your energy body not so much in affirmations or the law of attraction by manipulating your thoughts. Old Karmic emotions tie you down. Anytime something good is about to happen it gets bad again. Why is that? its because as soon as new energy comes up in your energy body it makes the blockages become active. As soon as the blockages become active the old emotions get activated. They rise to the brain and there you formulate a strategy to avoid these old emotions again often making you freeze up in the process and loose the creativity.

In my video i talk about how to break through those karmic barriers https://www.berichvideo.com

Essentially you have 7 chakras. each of them can contain numerous blockages. Sometimes when you thought that you already removed a blockage its actually still there. Most serious blockages we don’t even have the ability to see because unconsciously we tried to avoid those emotions as best as we can.

A lot of people for example have trouble to sit still. because in sitting still the energies start to rise in the body and make us aware of unresolved blockages. Getting out of your karmic carousel can be a very very daunting task and very complicated to do.

Too many friends without money

A friend of mine showed up and told me that she doesn’t have money to pay for food or rent. I gave her some even more than i originally said i would but i told myself i don’t expect it back. But this event made me realize how many people struggle financially so much. They struggle because they dont understand the fundamentals of the energy body. They think being spiritual will make their money problems go away. I am showing a way on how to be very spiritual but at the same time enjoy abundance of what the universe has to offer. That’s why i created the BeRichVideo.com website. Because i wanted to show all people in all walks of life on how to start making insane wealth. I am not telling people exactly what profession they should take intead i am showing them how to change the energy body which puts them in a state where abundance will naturally come and it will come fast.

I have done over 1000 Spiritual sessions at least 700 of them Tantric and Yoni Massages with women. These sessions allowed me to understand my energy body and the energy body of others in great detail. This detailed view let me understand what needs to happen in the energy body for great success to happen. I am looking so forward to see how this video will change your life.

I loved doing the massages and i still do them sometimes but i also love the freedom of earning without needing to put my energy body into situations where it might take days or weeks or months or years to get back to its original state. Intermingling too much with others energy bodies is actually not a good thing. Especially if they have very strong old karmic memory imprints.

Avoid other peoples energy bodies

You probably have to do enough with your own energy body. To get that into a good state you just have to get my “berichvideo” and follow the instructions but while you are busy getting yourself then into that state you must avoid the strong contact with others. There are people who are born resistant to other peoples energy bodies but i highly advise you against mingling too much with others. The reason is you probably are not in that 0.001% percentile of people that are completely resistant to it.

Why to get the berichvideo

The be rich video is for changing your energy body state. Its specifically for everyone who is making less than $20,000 a month and who is constantly pulled down by old karmic emotions repeating the same mistakes and just “not getting ahead” financially. You might be working hard or you might be a very spiritual person but in todays world its just so much easier if you earn enough money.

The video costs so little in what you get out of it that i high encourage you to try it out.

Nobody wants you to be free

The interesting thing about human psychology is that unless someone is an enlightened guru they probably don’t want you to be completely free. One of my very best friends actually said that it irritates him a lot that i am showing how to become wealthy. The reason is simple. Because he himself is struggling. The more i show that its possible the more he will see his own unsolved blockage. That ties in with the idea before where i said its not such a good idea to mingle too much with other people. Sometimes of course you have to do that if you are selling or developing a product or service. But luckily we will in a world where this can be mostly done virtually or online.

The law of synchronicity

The interesting thing is the moment you change your energy state two things happen. The first thing is you hit your blockages. Your old emotions come up. The second thing is synchronicities pop up. People that suddenly get in touch with you that have a similar matching energy body profile. Once you get the video and change your energy body state you suddenly will be surrounded by other highly successful people.

letting go of old

naturally you will start to let go of old habits and some old contacts. Thats very natural. As you enter more your true power with your new energy body your vibration changes. Only people matching that new vibration will come into your life now. I used to have broke people around me all the time. Although they were very nice people all of them struggled financially and couldn’t live the life they wanted to. There is a huge mistake in the spiritual community. People think that living by the heart will get them money. That is not true. Its a fundamental misunderstanding of how the energy body and manifestation works.

money and the law of attraction

I am not such a big fan of the law of attraction because i think its mostly concerned with the mind and using the mind to change your energy state. The mind is only a receptor not the origin or transmitter of energy states. But to understand this on a deeper level and get yourself into the creation and transmission mode of abundance you will have to get my berichvideo.

Now its up to you 🙂 get the video 🙂 the link is in this article