Why modern america sucks

you have to understand the history to understand why modern america sucks

  • the killed of almost all natives
  • brought in slaves
  • everything is ruled by money
  • they use their power to fuck up other countries
  • corruption is massive but well hidden reserved for the elite
  • arrogance and ignorance is rampant in USA
  • they use the dominance of USD & Oil to control everything
  • the amount of prohibitions is still insane
  • freedom of speech only goes so far
  • the education system sucks

The interesting thing is the power shift that’s happening with Cryptocurrencies. Suddenly everyone everywhere in the world can compete with the U.S. Before the large financial institutions were controlling absolutely everything.

America has one huge advantage which other countries don’t have. They all speak more or less the same language. That gives them huge economic power. If Europe with 550m people all spoke the same language it would be much more powerful than America is today.

The future of the world

In the future there will be a massive shift going away from america into the world. It can already be seen by how Blockchain companies are moving into other countries given the tight regulations on financial services in the USA. It will be interesting to see how the world changes as Blockchain cannot be limited to one country. It will grow like wildfire and all kinds of countries will experience massive growth because of it. Binance is i think the frontrunner in this shift of power.

ignorance and arrogance is rampant in the us

One person was upset that she couldn’t use her veteran ID in another state. I told her maybe someday they realize that america sucks. A guy wrote “america is the best country in the world” i told him “give me an example” and he said “i don’t need an example. Just look around you you come from Prague.” That was funny because Prague is like the BEST place you can live in Europe. Vibrant and Fun and lots of people love it. Lots of americans and expats live in Prague. So many actually that some locals say its too much. So he picked the worst example. That was an example of arrogance and ignorance from another american. Needless to say without even saying anything else i got banned from that person on their Facebook 🙂

What america needs to do

America needs get rid of all the unnecessary things

  • war on drugs must stop
  • remove outdated regulations
  • lobbying of corporations in washington
  • much improved education system with yoga and meditation

How to attract hot young women

I used to be attracted to older women when i was young. Now being over 40 I am seriously attracted to women between 18 and 25. I like the little bit mentally maturer young women who are smart enough that being superficial is not a good lifestyle unless you are earning a living with it like being an instagram model.

So how do you attract these younger women? Lets divide them into two different types of women: the mature younger women and the behave like a child younger women.

You really don’t want to deal with the child younger women. Avoid them like the plague. Even though they might seem hot they are just going to be insane trouble. So you might want to have them for one night and that’s it.

Now i made an extensive video tutorial about how to attract all women to you. So i am not going to spill everything. But lets say the most important thing.


Although i have seen a crazy 18 year old extremely beautiful woman with a mid 50 year old man who was poor (i saw his old car) that is a rare exception. A very rare exception. It is so rare that we just don’t need to talk about it 🙂 You want a sure fire way… Have lots of money. But how do you get so much money? you have to change your energy body state to get this type of money. Especially if you are older and you still dont have a lot of money you are going to have to do some targeted changes and quickly to your energy body for change to be seen as quickly as possible.

Now having a little bit of more money is not going to cut it.. You need lots of it. At least $15,000 a month spendable income. get my video to start

the feeling you need to have is: “i am on top of life” not under it or on the side of it. Now spiritually speaking there is no on top of life but you know what i mean. The feeling “i can do as i want anytime i want”

what do you young women want?

  • excitement
  • trustworthiness

These are the two most important factors for young women to attract them. If you come with your jaguar and you tell the young girl … “hey lets go to have dinner in Rome” you have excitement. She doesn’t want the goofy excitement though. She can have that with any 20 year old. She wants to experience things like if she were mature. Travel & fine locations. If you add trustworthiness to it she will definitely come with you.


Changing your body when you are a bit older is very very difficult. We all know this but it again depends on your energy body. If you can activate certain body energies in you then it will be easy to burn that fat. I also talk about this in my video.

dont take every young women

Most young women are going to be problematic for you. So you only want to take the ones you feel comfortable with.

How do you know if she is a good one

The best women you will feel a good body energy with. Do you feel you are anxious when being next to her afraid that you don’t please her enough? Or do you feel content being next to her and feeling a good vibe when sitting next to her. That is the essential question. There are some basic energies you can’t override. It doesn’t matter if she is 18 or 40 years old. If you don’t feel totally at ease sitting next to her then she is not the right person to spend time with.

just having money doesn’t cut it

I cannot go into detail here because of several reasons but let me just explain that JUST having money doesn’t cut it. Its the targeted use of that money which will get you young women. You don’t want to have a young woman just because you have the money. You want her to be into you and money just gives you some time to make her be into you. I will show you how to do it in my video.

Success & increase sales with wordpress video tutorial

I created a video tutorial specifically showing how to improve your success with wordpress. It is available to purchase on this website. Basically having your own successful blog is absolutely crucial to your online sales success. I am going to give away a couple of basic tips.

Put in time and effort

You know i am the first one to say i hate writing and especially long blog articles. But I learned how to change my energy body and how to really get pumped to write articles which will bring in sales. If you feel the same and you are like “OH MY GOD ALL THIS WORK” then you should get my berichvideo also available on this website. It will teach you how to change your energy body so it will be really easy for you to put in the time and effort to make your blog grow. It will show you a couple of tricks to optimize your whole blogging effort so you can reduce the time and amount of new articles you have to write.

Write from the heart

Not only write from the heart but also write what you truly believe in and care about. Do not write articles about things you don’t really care about. Because that won’t last long. Think of your blog like your beacon or lighthouse from which you always start out. Its like your home. Make your blog look like you want your home to look like. Neat, organized, well documented, great information etc. Something that you would be super proud of showing to someone else. When you get to that point then you are coming closer.

know the deep tricks

There are a couple of tips & tricks that not a lot of people know. you will have to use these tricks to make your blog traffic skyrocket. This is absolutely crucial for you to save time. You don’t want to be blogging for years and years and find out you didn’t make even one sale. Basically you want your first sale through your blog to come in under 1 months. To get listed fast in google and to use all the tricks just get my wordpress video which details all of this in 30 minutes and you will save yourself lots of time and hassle


If you hide your products and make the blog information first and foremost you are not going to sell. You have to use each blog article like a lead to hint to your products. Because otherwise people just come in and use that information and leave again. You want them to really click through to your products page. If they don’t even click through to your products page then you are definitely doing something wrong.

How to run successful online business

The great thing about running your own successful online business you get a constant stream of income at some point and you hardly need to do any additional work for it. But how do you get there? You need to work extremely smart and you need the right energy body for it.

So instead of doing days and days of useless work you need to focus on a couple of things which are extremely effective. In my two video courses I explain exactly what you need to do.

One on side you need to prepare a blog and you need to make the blog very very very successful. Because it is the only thing which will give you constant and targeted flow of potential customers. Any other type of marketing you will have to actively take care of on one side and you will have to worry about losing that account for any reason and then dealing with a huge fall in sales. So the only way to be in direct control of your sales is running your own blog. Nothing else will work as good as that.

So you need to become an absolute expert in running your own blog. Find out all details there are to know so you make it successful. The most important things i am talking about in my Blog video which you can get on this website.

The other thing is your energy body. In order to actually manifest and have the energy to get where you want to get with your online business you will have to get your body into a state of utmost energy and creativity. So that you not only get into the energy of unlimited creativity but you also will enjoy the fruits of your work. There are lot of people who work so hard to have success that they don’t even enjoy that success anymore. If you get my two videos or even all of my courses at once i will show you how to get pretty much all of it. I have had years of experience doing energy healing for people and that helped me understand how energy needs to change and work in the body for you to truly be successful at whatever you do.

In my personal opinion running an online business is really the best form of business anyone can run. It doesn’t pollute as much and it gives people the ability to grow in their own life and become more of who they truly are without being in the corporate slave carousel. So i highly recommend you check out my videos.

Basic things you need for a successful online business

  • offer a better service or product than others
  • or offer something which is not offered at all in your niche
  • get targeted traffic through your own blog
  • change your energy body to attract abundance
  • learn technical aspects of running an online business (that will come with time)

Tantra & Yoni Massage for Women Mallorca

If you are one or more women coming to Mallorca or living in Mallorca you should definitely book a Tantra Massage with me. I have done over 1000 Tantra Massages with women. Sometimes with more than one woman.

I love giving pleasure to women. I have the ability to sense deep blockages in peoples bodies and i can release them with massage, reiki, acupressure and tantric massage.

I work a lot with chakras and old emotions but every sessions is completely different no session is the same. I am what some call an intuitive healer. That means i completely shut off my mind during a sessions and just go with the flow what the universe directs me to do.

Tantra & Yoni Massage for Women Mallorca

Some examples of women’s experiences

  • some women hat their first orgasm with me even though they were in many relationships before
  • releasing of old traumas such as sexual abuse
  • releasing of old heart based traumas (like being taken advantage of etc.)
  • experiencing full body orgasm and still being completely dressed almost without touch
  • using several vibrators at once and feeling unbelievable sexual extacy
  • experiencing pleasure with a female friends or sisters who wanted to get closer on a deeper level
  • experiencing joy again in life

The list of experiences goes on and on.

what some women said about my sessions

“you are like a magician”

“i felt so good with you… when can i come again”

“I never felt something that intensive”

“that was unbelievable. I never experienced something like that in my life”

“Where did you learn this? you have to tell me where you learned this. I don’t know anybody who is good as you”

“I told all my friends about you. I am thrilled”

“Your sessions should be prescribed by a doctor”

“I never believed in chakras. But what i felt in these 2 hours i cannot put into words”

the list continues…

get in touch

I highly recommend you and your female friends get in touch with me. My whatsapp is +420770626831 I am right now in Mallorca and I might start traveling at the end of october again. Just write me and we will figure something out.

How to attract every woman

Having done over 1000 Tantric Massages with women i know two or three things about women. 🙂 Actually my understanding of body energies and observing people has become so high that i usually can tell how someone is going to behave before they do.

I cannot give away of course all the information in this blog post but i can tell you that i know what gets women really interested. And if you want to build on top of this course you should definitely get the “change your energy body” video course first. Because it actually builds on top of each other.

attracting hot young 18 year old girls

With the change your body energy & knowing what women are seriously attracted to and how to attract every woman you will be amazed at the changes you will experience.

Now i went through my share of rejections and i had to observe in these reactions. I observed so much that i started to understand what is necessary to make be really interested in you.

I want to make this super simple. It has to do with 2 elements. Your energy body and with psychology. Because most men shoot themselves in the foot. I did it too. So you take a basic attraction level and you amplify it rather than you shoot yourself in the foot and make the attraction level go away completely. There is a super super simple formula for that but nobody knows it.

So on one hand you want to be manifesting like crazy with the be rich video and on another hand you want to amplify the attraction to a level where every woman will want to have you. It has much less to do with looks and much more to do with deep biological psychology

how to attract women with status

I am not kidding if i tell you every single woman will check for your status. She does it unconsciously or consciously. Even if you are really good at something or really hot looking if it doesn’t relate to status (wealth & admiration) then you are going to have a tough time. But to get this status can be insanely hard if you are not born with the energy body that allows you manifest all this abundance. So you really need to get my video courses

https://www.berichvideo.com/courses to start making deep changes within your energy system. Trust me its a waste of time to do anything else

pick up artists are mistaken

Pick up artists make a few huge mistakes. The first mistake is they focus too much on women and therefore they often get maybe good looking women but low value women. Because they are low value men themselves. If you want to have women LITERALLY chase you. LITERALLY you have to become popular & successful in the field you chose. And if you can transmit sexuality in that field then you have already won. For example i have a czech youtube channel where i do ASMR (Danji ASMR Cesky on Youtube). The bigger it gets the more women write me personally and really want to get in touch with me.+

never ever brag

Women hat bragging. The reason they hate bragging because its an obvious message that you are low status. A high status person doesn’t need to brag. Like who do you have to prove yourself to by bragging if you already have everything that you would ever want. If you earn $20,000 a month and you have to brag that to a woman than you are showing that you are actually not worth it. That you need to show it to her because you think you are lower status than her.

I am looking forward to teaching you how to make every girl be attracted to you 🙂

Money and the Law of Attraction

Everybody wants money. On one hand we all want and need love but for the material life it seems that we need money. Money for food, survival and procreation. For example taking care of your children becomes a complete money issue especially if you are in the situation that you don’t have any money.

Money & Law of Attraction

So how do you attract or manifest money. Is the Law of Attraction LOA the right way to go about manifesting money? There is a problem with the law of attraction. It is an egoistic desire and it doesn’t really give you what you truly deep down need and want.

Heart vision meditation

There are a couple of tricks that i have one is called heart vision meditation. What you do is that you think of something that you would like while you place both hands on your heart chakra. Once the heart chakra starts to get warm you know your heart vision. If it doesn’t get warm change your visualization until you know what your heart vision is.

My personal heart vision is living in a tropical setting almost alone with a modern but colonial style inspired house and overwatching white beaches.

The heart vision meditation is one way to find out what your heart wants. But here is the problem. A lot of people say that just follow your heart and everything will come. This is not exactly true. Your energy body must be in the right state of energy and vibration. The Law of Attraction doesn’t really do this because the law of attraction is mostly concerned with the mind. If you want to go beyond the mind and fundamentally shift your energy body to attract and manifest abundance then i recommend my berichvideo to you.

I have done over 1000 Healing and Tantric Sessions mostly with women and i can tell you from direct experience that successful people don’t have a certain mindset or don’t have a certain law of attraction they use. What they have is a certain energy body that natural attracts abundance. A lot of people don’t realize this because you need to be highly attuned to these energies. My luck is that i have an innate talent which allows me to feel energies and emotional blockages in other peoples bodies. I use that sensitivity as tool to heal people and release them from their old karmic blockages.

But there is a way to clear yourself of these blockages and get into strong manifestation mode. I talk about this in the berichvideo. You can do those exercises every single day and get yourself into the manifestation energy and into the love energy.

Avoid the law of attraction

Avoid the law of attraction and instead focus on changing your energy body. So don’t make it a mind or mindset problem. Think of it as training your energy body into full creative mode so it can attract massive amounts of wealth. The energy body intuitively will then start to do the right work to attract this type of life situation you want.

can you really attract money

Yes and no. For the law of attraction to work you need a certain energy body. This is what i talk about in my video berichvideo. If you don’t have that energy body no matter how much visualization you do it will not manifest in your life. It might manifest indirectly occasionally but you will not reap the true benefits that you are looking for. So definitely change your body energy first with my berichvideo available on this website.

Advantages to your own blog website vs social media facebook instagram quora

I see so many people wasting their time on social media like facebook instagram quora and many other social sites. These people, especially if they want to be successful, are making a HUGEEE mistake. the reason is that all of the social media accounts can be closed and deleted and banned at any time and you lose hours, months and years of work.

I have had this happen to me many times and all you need to do is one mishap or one fan reporting you for some stupidity. So don’t make the same mistake. I think 90% of your effort should be on your own properties and 10% should be on social media. Thereby if anything goes wrong your business stays intact.

I have had a facebook page taken out of my hand. It was a fashion model page with 280,000 FANS. yes … it was taken away from me. my main facebook account got deleted and therefore i lost access to all connected facebook pages. Someone else took over that page and went with it. I will never make that mistake again to rely on social media for my success. Its good to share news but 90% of your income should come from your own properties. Even youtube can super easily ban your account.

I once did a reaction video on someone and that person without any legal right to do it was able to get me a strike on my account and it took a lot of wrestling with that person to take the strike back. So trust me … NEVER EVER rely on other entities to manage or hold your business assets.

How to become a digital nomad without experience traveling the world

More and more people especially young people want to become digital nomads traveling the world without experience.

You basically have two options:

  1. Offer high value / high skill service digitally to rich countries while you travel poor countries
  2. Have a passive income stream selling digital products

The high value / high skill service could be something like programming. If you are a good programmer. But since you don’t have experience i guess this is out of the question. I know a guy who offers webdesign and webhosting to close friends in a rich country while he travels poor countries. The only reason this works is because he is a super people person and he is pretty much a lot of time in front of the computer.

In all seriousness while he makes a great living i don’t really recommend it. I would much more recommend to create a passive income stream selling digital products. Once you have it up and running its basically zero work after that and you can be weeks without checking your computer.

But in order to get there you have to change your energy body state. Because getting there is so insanely difficult if you have no experience that you basically need a certain amount of energy attracting this type of lifestyle into your life without having the feeling of failing all the time. Most people are so overwhelmed by their feeling of failing that they give up on the dream. When it actually is super easy if you know what you are doing. So get my berichvideo and start creating a passive income stream so you can travel the world without experience.

The truth is that everyone has experience and as you travel you will also gain experience. But you must target the right audience with the right product for it to sell.

Do affirmations work with the subconscious mind

The problem with affirmations and with any kind of mindset type of technique is that they put your body under constant tension. So while you might believe that it works its actually harming your body. What you have to do is change your energybody state rather than changing your mind. The mind is a receiver of information it is not the creator of information. This is a common misconception. It mostly receives information from your lower chakras. So in order to get into a better energetic state you have to change your energy body rather than changing your mind or mindset.

I highly recommend getting my video berichvideo because it will show you how to change that energy body rather than relying on things like affirmations or subconscious mind alterations. If you want to be successful but at the same time you want to enjoy life you have to think of energy body rather than thinking of mind and mindset.

Affirmations are also lies. Because while you are changing your mindset or thinking that you are changing your mindset your body is telling you something different. So lets say i tell my mind to be not afraid. But my root chakra is afraid through unresolved existential fear. Then you are basically lying to yourself and your consciousness and body knows it.

I have seen people use affirmations and what i see in them is a constant tension a lack of rest and they are not really happy. They are faking happiness. This will lead to despression and lack of energy later down the line. so get my video and also get the video on how to change your energy body state. I am so looking forward to helping you make the changes that you really want.