Video Tutorial: Woman having massage orgasm from tantric massage

You would be surprised how many women have a problem with getting orgasm during sex or massage. Most women have no trouble getting an orgasm when they are alone but when they are with a man it seems almost impossible to some. The reason has to do with letting go. Some women have so much trauma from past or current lives that they cannot let go

yoni massage tutorial video

This is why i created the tantra yoni orgasm massage tutorial videos. They are various videos showing how to properly do a yoni and tantra massage. They start with opening up the chakra energies and showing you a couple of tricks on how to get the women aroused before even touching intimitely. A little later i show the more intimate elements of the the massage

All videos will be available here:

energy orgasm without touch

To give you an example. It is possible to give a woman an orgasm even without touching her. Thats how strong tantric energies can be. I am going to show this also in my videos.

seeking models for tantra yoni orgasm massage

If you are a woman or group of women and you want to or are coming to Mallorca Spain let me know and you can get a paid massage for recording a video tutorial. You of course can also pay for the massage in case you don’t want it recorded.

How to get more energy during the day

Most people don’t understand how body energy works. In order to understand it you have to have lots of experience working with yourself and others on the energy body. For this reason i made the video “berichvideo”. Because it is essentially about body energy. You can eat well and you can exercise but it doesn’t mean you will have lots of energy. A lot of energy is being actually drained from your body by old karmic emotions. They are old traumas that you either had in this or another lifetime. They drain you constantly of energy and this is the reason why most people in life are unsuccessful or constantly in a bad mood

start with relaxing

This is one of the tips i am going to give away for free. Actually i don’t even talk about this one in my berichvideo because that video is more about getting your energy body into manifesting mode. This tip of relaxing goes deeper than just the relaxing you think. Its a spiritual relaxing. That means you sit, preferably outside in nature, and you just enjoy the nothingness of being. That means no thinking no, no checking the phone, no planning, no watching tv, no talking, no discussing… really NOTHING. you just sit there in absolute nothing. I wouldnt call it even meditation because in meditation you do something. Set a timer. This is really important because in sitting in stillness old stuff will come up and you will feel like you cannot sit in stillness. But when you set 10 minutes for example every day it will be much easier to continue even if you feel old emotions creep up.

Food for more energy

Some very simple things that you need which some people are not aware of:

  • fresh air
  • only water for drinking (no alcohol)
  • less bread
  • less masturbation
  • more yoga. but simple yoga not energy draining yoga
  • sitting in relaxation
  • less technology (smartphone)
  • less conversations during the day
  • less worrying
  • less noise / city / pollution more green
  • less wifi

consider energy therapy for more energy

I highly recommend my video courses for more energy but i also recommend hands on therapy. You can try thing like craniosacral therapy, qi gong etc.

the dynamic of giving and receiving

Every breath is a form of taking and giving back. Everything in life needs to stay in the flow. I highly recommend learning about the spiritual mechanics of giving and receiving. I also talk about this in my video courses available on this website. To stay in the flow it is essential to understand giving and receiving on all levels. If you do on or the other too much or too little the flow can get stuck and it will cost you tremendous amounts of energy.

harness sexual energy

I don’t want to talk about this too much here. I talk about it more in my video courses but in general most people don’t know how to harness sexual energy and what to do with it once they harness it. I really show you in detail what you need to do with that energy.

Younger Women Seeking older men

How to date younger women. Personally i love younger women. When i was 20 i loved women 30 and up. Now i am 41 and i love much younger women between 18-25. What i like about them is two things. One is their bodies. There is absolutely no doubt about that. The other thing i like about them is their energy bodies. The energy body of a young woman is much better than an older woman who maybe is already smoking and drinking for many years and building up lots of old energetic traumas and emotions. Most people don’t know how to get rid of those old emotions so it keeps stacking up. For me as a tantra expert it feels like a bag of garbage energetically. Sometimes i could just vomit having that unresolved energy close to me. Its not metaphorically speaking. Its literally that i feel these old energies and they feel bad. In case you are older you definitely want to get my video on how to clear your aura and energy body. Its available on this website

do young women like older men

NO. Sorry to say but they don’t. They would prefer also a younger man. So if she is 20 she wants one that is 25-30 maybe. Many women at this age are not even looking for a relationship really. BUT: young women are seriously attracted to the fact that you can provide them what they want from themselves. Like money. Thats why the sugardaddy sugarbabe phenomenon is absolutely exploding. You are offering something that they really really want for themselves.

  • money

If you just offer them sex they are like “NO THANK YOU”. You know why its so easy to know this. Because if you gave them $100,000 right now they would NOT sleep with you and they would just go and live a party life and just have fun. So you must tie that money and status to you.

Just recently i had a visitor here and i told her about my blog. The next morning I told her i just wrote another article. Her response was: “did you sell another video?” i said “no. the blog is new” and she said “oh yeah of course” but i assure you. If i had said i now sold 15 videos in one day she would have become wet in her panties.

If you want to know how to change that energy state to get into the mode of creating $20,000 a month get my video. That will seriously attract young women. $5,000 is not enough and everything above $10,000 starts to get interesting.

younger women seeking older men

there is no alternative

You might try to be like super funny. You might try to dress well. You might try to work out. you might try to become a pick up artist. But in all honesty. Your life is going to be so much better if you just focus on changing your energy body and manifesting the wealth that comes with it. Then you will not have to feel sorry for yourself because getting the girl and in the back of your mind know that you don’t really attract with your status will always make you feel inferior. Think of it like this:

1. She has a hot body

2. you have a hot business

If you don’t have a hot business… what do you offer that she might want?

How to get rich from nothing

How to become rich although you have absolutely nothing in your bank account. Well this is going to be an interesting article. First of all you want to learn about your energy body. Your energy body is really the key to ANY type of success. If you are depressed lying in your bed all day long its going to be much harder than when you are full of energy and you get up at 6AM already excited to be creative. For that to happen you should definitely buy my video on how to activate your energy body correctly.


Once you have your energy body it will be very easy to acquire skills. Skills will come mostly by doing and just trying out. Realize that this doesn’t happen overnight but you might have a certain talent which will help you be better than anyone else in what you are doing in a short period of time. I know a 16 year old that i helped to boost his confidence levels. He got so good at playing a certain computer game because he put 1 year of work into it. Once i boosted his confidence level he started youtubing. Now he earns more money than his parents. So build some skills around something that is naturally popular and easy to make money with. So if you like numbers become really good in quantitative trading on the stock market. If you like playing computer games focus on the most popular game and become really good at that.

don’t waste time on things people are not interested in

This one is extremely important. A LOT of people keep staying poor because they focus on the wrong things at the wrong time. I knew a guy who was trying to have success with his own radio show on the internet. That was in a time where nobody was listening to online radios and people still don’t listen to online radios. They prefer to go to spotify or play their own playlists or go on youtube. If he had focused on becoming a famous DJ he would have had more success maybe. Because its natural for DJs if they are good to become famous and make a lot of money. If you are on instagram for example focus on fashion, hot photos or travel. If you are on Instagram to push your mathematical formulas you are not going to have success.

work your ass off

If you don’t have the energy body for it its going to be difficult. Thats why you need to get my video tutorial first of course. But once you are there you are going to have to put in the work. When i started this blog I had virtually 0 traffic. The first person to come in was a guy searching for law of attraction who wanted to post the link to his product in the comments. So that was a bummer and most articles didn’t produce traffic. A week later now that i am writing this article some traffic is starting to come in. 3 clicks yesterday. If you want to know how i keep improving my blog to make it hugely successful within 1 year you have to get my wordpress video also on this website. Within a year i will have so many daily clicks that i can sell 10-20 of my videos daily. But you have to keep working at it no matter what the business is. The articles I have now generate 100 impressions a day on google and i get 3 clicks. so thats a 3% click ratio. I think i should get this between 5-10% but i am superconfident that this will happen as i keep finetuning everything.

enter high margin leveraged business

A business with high margin is fashion for example. Or selling info products or software. A low margin business is selling commodities like rice. A product that can be easily leveraged is an info product a product that is difficult to leverage is the production of cars for example. You are probably not an Elon Musk if you are on this blog. And i am not an Elon Musk either. So lets just admit we are not the smartest with not the most talent. But its enough to become insanely rich. All you need is to press the right buttons and concentrate on businesses which really bring in money. Launching a well branded fashion label is extremely profitable if its connected to an image which easily sells. So if you are a youtuber can easily sell merchandise for example. If you have an external producer of the fashion than it can be also easily leveraged to produce more and more goods at lower prices.

Tantra & Yoni massage tutorial video

Some of you may know i have done over 1000 tantra and yoni massages. A lot of women asked me if i would teach their husbands and boyfriends how to do a proper yoni or tantra massage. I never did a video like this so far. If you are really interested in me making a video like that i will find a model and get it done. Just tell me in the comments or on Facebook or on Whatsapp: +420770626831 that you would like to see such a tutorial video. Then i will be glad to make one.

Casting call for models

If you want to record a tantra or yoni massage video tutorial please get in touch with me. Its a paid job in Mallorca Spain. You get an incredible massage and its paid. What more could you ask for. you can stay completely anonymous. If you are a group of girls its also possible.

general tips for tantra & yoni massages

The essential tip for men is take your time. It takes between 30-40 minutes before energies really start opening up. So i recommend giving a soft massage (without oil) to the back the neck the butt and the legs. Don’t touch anything intimate yet. The reason you shouldnt be using oil is because oil changes body temperature and energy flow. This can be okay if you are relaxing but under many circumstances it actually blocks the energy and makes nose clog up.

when touching intime parts

Women vary very very much into what type of touching they like.. some like their pussy to be touched heavily others are too sensitive at the clitoris. You really cant tell upfront so in general be more softer and slower than you think she wants. if she finds it hot she will like it nonetheless.

So if you like more tips & tricks and the actual video just let me know somehow.

women & massage orgasm

You would be surprised how many women never had an orgasm in their life. This is mostly due to the inability to let go of control or having old energy blockages. So the inability to have an orgasm doesn’t have something to do with you necessarily. this is really important to understand for men. Women store a lot of old emotional traumas and since women are educated to identify with emotions so much for them its much harder to let go of them. So try to really get her to open up energetically in the massages

How to attract love energy

Everything around you and in you is always love. The only reason you don’t see that is because your mind is too busy categorizing and judging everything. So the natural way to feel more and more love is to go into deep meditation or silence of the mind. You can also have a silent mind if you are just really aware of the present moment.

If you want to attract romanic love in your life then you have to have a very open heart chakra. For that you must release old traumas in your life. I offer a video course here on this website which shows you how to release those old traumas so they don’t block you in manifesting whatever you wish to have.

But realize that love is essentially something coming from the inside. The more you feel it in yourself the more you will see it everywhere else. That doesn’t mean that others will see it the way you are seeing it but you will be much more tolerant also of their behaviour.

the law of most natural vibration

There is something which i call the law of most natural vibration. It basically states that the more you go into a relaxed mode the more you attract that which is best for you and which vibrates in a most natural way with you. You are then guided by higher intuition and everything flows the way it should.

What is a Tantra or Tantric Massage

Now this is something that i can definitely talk about and I can explain it in detail. Lets start of with some basics

how did i start with tantra massage

I had a spiritual awakening in October 2015. I was led to it by the Universe. I was watching Mooji for one year pretty much every day. At some point I had this revelation and realized i am “empty” consciousness. One week later i was sitting in absolute silence without thoughts for over 1 hour. Then a message came to me from the top. It was a higher intuition. It told me to massage women. I created a blog and within 2 days the first clients started showing up. Which is a clear sign i did the right thing.

Why did that happen to me

After the 3rd massage women and I noticed something. That I have an absolute incredible ability to feel blockages within the back. Old karmic emotional blockages. I started to learn how to feel Ida and Pingala and sushumna energies within me and within other people. With every massage i got better and better to the point where after 800-1000 Tantric Massages I really understand how the energetic system of chakras and nadis work. How disease comes about and how we are cured from disease again or from old traumas and emotions.

Abused and raped women

I have had many abused and raped women come to me for healing sessions. Even therapists send these women to me because they felt its the right therapy for them. I work very emphatically and very softly with these types of traumas and I work very slow. For some women i uncovered even things from the past where they forgot that they were raped and they never talked about it to anyone else.

traumas can skip generations

One of the most interesting things is that traumas can skip generations. My ex-girlfriend always felt disgust with sexuality with any type of man. So we looked at this in one of my sessions. What came out is that during the session she saw a vision of her grandmother being raped. She then confronted her mother with it and she confirmed that her grandmother was raped. Once that was out in the open we could then work on releasing this fear.

energy orgasms without touch

I then saw a guy on Youtube giving energy orgasms without touch. I usually would give orgasms with a normal yoni massage. Sometimes i would get even more intimate and lick the woman if i felt we have a strong connection and i felt she was energetically clean. But when I saw this video I told myself i am going to try this as well. The next client coming up was a stewardess. I decided i will try to induce an orgasm in her almost without touching. It worked. In fact it was so intense that she actually made a painting for me a few days after the experience. I repeated this with a few clients a couple of times.

chakra breathing & sex without touching

Over time my intuition always brought me new techniques and new deep understandings of energies. I created a technique called chakra breathing. I offer it here also in the video section you can buy this video. It will create a deep energetic bond between you and your partner. You should definitely check it out its unbelievable.

what is a tantra massage good for

A Tantra Massage if done by a highly sensitive caring person can be a way to release old traumas and make energy flow again. In some cases it will give you deep revelations into the universe and how things work apart from what you previously might have thought. If done caringly with love it can heal you in many different ways. If done for egoistic purposes without understanding how the energy body works it can actually give you new Trauma

tantric threesome sessions

I had many good experiences but the best experiences were female female male tantric sessions… so many beautiful energies opened up. I really do enjoy this sessions very much. Sometimes it was women that didn’t know each other sometimes it was sisters and sometimes it was longterm friends that wanted to experience a tantric energy opening session with other women.

Female Digital Nomads

It is so much easier to be a female digital nomad than a male one. I am very serious about this. Because you can leverage the attractiveness and benefit of the doubt women get. Its absolutely no secret that women receive much more likes and views on anything they post on social media. So if i were a woman i would definitely use my femininity to brand my work. I would not use company logo and impersonal communication instead I would use the asset of being a woman and maybe even an attractive one to be on Facebook and especially instagram.

There are soooo many successful female digital nomads doing fashion and travel blogging using Instagram. All you need to do is put yourself out there. Most women have trouble with self-esteem issues so they are afraid to use the asset of being a woman. I highly recommend my energy body transformation course called “berichvideo” available on this website. It will help you get the confidence you need to become really really successful.

female digital nomads interviews

If you are a female digital nomad feel free to write me on whatsapp +420770626831 to do an interview and i will feature you on this blog. I would really look forward to talk about you.

which social media to use

Once you increase your self esteem like I talk about in in my berichvideo then you should start to use all the social media available to you:

Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter & Linkedin & your own blog. These are the most important ones. Post on all of them and learn what makes it work. I offer another video course on this website which will show you how to optimize your blog so you have maximum success with doing sales through your blog.

big mistakes in terms of sales

I think a lot of female digital nomads make the mistake of still working by the hour or per assignment. You should move into selling digital info products so you have more free time on your hands.

Tips for Sales – How to increase sales

Increasing sales has to do with with a few things:

  • offer a better product than your competitors
  • make your product more accessible
  • offer it at a better price

Making it more accessible could the the simple act of being ranked higher in google for example. It is the equivalent of having a store in the city center vs on the outskirts of a city. To rank on top you should look at what websites and blogs rank high on your search terms. Sometimes services like or actually rank very high so you can write an article there and get ranked well and it will give you a little bit of promotion for your product.

If you are trying to increase sales locally i highly recommend running and boosting facebook events because its very easy to get local people engaged.

There is so much competition on the internet that you really need to catch a persons attention as quickly as possible and make the sale as quickly as possible. Because if they don’t buy with you they will buy somewhere else.

How to become a digital nomad

The ideal way to become a digital nomad is to earn not by the hour or by working a lot but by passive income. Passive Income if you don’t know what it means is selling things and hardly spending time working on it. For example selling an ebook is a form of passive income. Thereby you can travel the world and really enjoy your time without putting in excessive work in front of the computer.

two things you will need 100%

But you are going to need two things for it to work well. One is an energy body tuned to attract abundance. Because you are going to need discipline and a good work ethic in the beginning and a little bit of luck and tons of creativity. To get to this state of energy i offer the berichvideo here on this website which will get you into this energy state. To give you an example. I hate writing. But once i started working on changing my energy body with various tricks i am now putting in the work and creativity to do the writing.

The second thing you will need a blog which will drive over 90% of your sales. So once you have the changed energy body you can start working on your blog. For the blog you will need to know a couple of really deep blogging tricks to get good traffic to your blog. For that i created a video explaining in detail some serious tricks on how to increase targeted visitors to your blog and make more sales.

What else you need

You are going to need to register your company in some home base. There you need to have most of the things digital. You might consider creating a digital company in estonia if you live in the EU. In any case you want to be in a low tax country under 20%. The huge advantage of selling digital info products is also you don’t need to pay taxes where you are living. So if you are living in Bali Indonesia but you sell ebooks in from estonia into the world you will not pay taxes in bali and you will not need a workers permit. A lot of digital nomads actually need workers permit if they work for companies in the country they are traveling. So must actually work illegally. Its of course not recommended at all.

Payment provider & SALES Providers

There are some providers which do the selling and sending of product for you. But i highly recommend creating a paypal sell button and selling directly from your blog. There also plugins who do this for you if you have no technically expertise. In general you want to have as much under your control as possible. So you host your own blog. you create your own articles and you sell your digital info products directly. This way you have the most control and nobody can influence your business sales except you. Although i am not the biggest fan of Paypal it is really the easiest and most used payment system for consumsers. Its super easy to setup for you.

Before you travel

You should never start to travel before you organized everything. So you want to make at least $2500 monthly before you start traveling and it should be already secure money so every month is similar. Every legal part like company etc should be set up so you don’t need to fly back to your base country every time to change something. so it should be like a virtual company as much as possible.