Money and the Law of Attraction

Everybody wants money. On one hand we all want and need love but for the material life it seems that we need money. Money for food, survival and procreation. For example taking care of your children becomes a complete money issue especially if you are in the situation that you don’t have any money.

Money & Law of Attraction

So how do you attract or manifest money. Is the Law of Attraction LOA the right way to go about manifesting money? There is a problem with the law of attraction. It is an egoistic desire and it doesn’t really give you what you truly deep down need and want.

Heart vision meditation

There are a couple of tricks that i have one is called heart vision meditation. What you do is that you think of something that you would like while you place both hands on your heart chakra. Once the heart chakra starts to get warm you know your heart vision. If it doesn’t get warm change your visualization until you know what your heart vision is.

My personal heart vision is living in a tropical setting almost alone with a modern but colonial style inspired house and overwatching white beaches.

The heart vision meditation is one way to find out what your heart wants. But here is the problem. A lot of people say that just follow your heart and everything will come. This is not exactly true. Your energy body must be in the right state of energy and vibration. The Law of Attraction doesn’t really do this because the law of attraction is mostly concerned with the mind. If you want to go beyond the mind and fundamentally shift your energy body to attract and manifest abundance then i recommend my berichvideo to you.

I have done over 1000 Healing and Tantric Sessions mostly with women and i can tell you from direct experience that successful people don’t have a certain mindset or don’t have a certain law of attraction they use. What they have is a certain energy body that natural attracts abundance. A lot of people don’t realize this because you need to be highly attuned to these energies. My luck is that i have an innate talent which allows me to feel energies and emotional blockages in other peoples bodies. I use that sensitivity as tool to heal people and release them from their old karmic blockages.

But there is a way to clear yourself of these blockages and get into strong manifestation mode. I talk about this in the berichvideo. You can do those exercises every single day and get yourself into the manifestation energy and into the love energy.

Avoid the law of attraction

Avoid the law of attraction and instead focus on changing your energy body. So don’t make it a mind or mindset problem. Think of it as training your energy body into full creative mode so it can attract massive amounts of wealth. The energy body intuitively will then start to do the right work to attract this type of life situation you want.

can you really attract money

Yes and no. For the law of attraction to work you need a certain energy body. This is what i talk about in my video berichvideo. If you don’t have that energy body no matter how much visualization you do it will not manifest in your life. It might manifest indirectly occasionally but you will not reap the true benefits that you are looking for. So definitely change your body energy first with my berichvideo available on this website.

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