How to become a digital nomad

The ideal way to become a digital nomad is to earn not by the hour or by working a lot but by passive income. Passive Income if you don’t know what it means is selling things and hardly spending time working on it. For example selling an ebook is a form of passive income. Thereby you can travel the world and really enjoy your time without putting in excessive work in front of the computer.

two things you will need 100%

But you are going to need two things for it to work well. One is an energy body tuned to attract abundance. Because you are going to need discipline and a good work ethic in the beginning and a little bit of luck and tons of creativity. To get to this state of energy i offer the berichvideo here on this website which will get you into this energy state. To give you an example. I hate writing. But once i started working on changing my energy body with various tricks i am now putting in the work and creativity to do the writing.

The second thing you will need a blog which will drive over 90% of your sales. So once you have the changed energy body you can start working on your blog. For the blog you will need to know a couple of really deep blogging tricks to get good traffic to your blog. For that i created a video explaining in detail some serious tricks on how to increase targeted visitors to your blog and make more sales.

What else you need

You are going to need to register your company in some home base. There you need to have most of the things digital. You might consider creating a digital company in estonia if you live in the EU. In any case you want to be in a low tax country under 20%. The huge advantage of selling digital info products is also you don’t need to pay taxes where you are living. So if you are living in Bali Indonesia but you sell ebooks in from estonia into the world you will not pay taxes in bali and you will not need a workers permit. A lot of digital nomads actually need workers permit if they work for companies in the country they are traveling. So must actually work illegally. Its of course not recommended at all.

Payment provider & SALES Providers

There are some providers which do the selling and sending of product for you. But i highly recommend creating a paypal sell button and selling directly from your blog. There also plugins who do this for you if you have no technically expertise. In general you want to have as much under your control as possible. So you host your own blog. you create your own articles and you sell your digital info products directly. This way you have the most control and nobody can influence your business sales except you. Although i am not the biggest fan of Paypal it is really the easiest and most used payment system for consumsers. Its super easy to setup for you.

Before you travel

You should never start to travel before you organized everything. So you want to make at least $2500 monthly before you start traveling and it should be already secure money so every month is similar. Every legal part like company etc should be set up so you don’t need to fly back to your base country every time to change something. so it should be like a virtual company as much as possible.

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