Can’t catch a break in life

Lets translate that… catching a break in life is really someone trying to CATCH a time where they rest… well if you find yourself saying that do the following: set a timer right now… lets say 10 minutes… on your phone. Then sit down and be completely quiet for 10 minutes… See .. you caught a break. its that simple and you solved your problem.

Now if you feel that a lot of things go wrong in your life its because you have vasanas. Old emotional karma that are tying you down. In my video i talk exactly about how to overcome those old karmas.

Bad things just keep happening to you and things just keep repeating over and over again. Same relationship problems and same money problems. You have to change your energy body first. Only then you can come to a deeper fulfilling state which will naturally attract and manifest deeper desires and necessities.

People who are beggars have all one simple thing in common. They cannot receive. Learn to receive from the universe. I will show you how to learn to receive in my video. how to manifest and receive for everything that you put out that you get something back in.

I had 15 years of life frustration and only now with the spiritual knowledge i understand what i did wrong. Thats why i made the video. To show people how to do it right. Many people chose to ignore that information because they prefer to hold on to their pain. But some people are ready to grow. If you are ready to grow let me know 🙂 i am here to help

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